Corporate Social Responsibility Assistance

Service Overview

The Painting Professionals offer the corporate industry, assistance in meeting their corporate social responsibility goals through painting in their communities. It is delivered by a team of fully qualified Master decorators from the Painting Professionals through practical skills training and project management.

Features of our service include:

·       Assistance in the planning of your CSR project

·       Project management.

·       Professional advice for all stakeholders

·       On-the-job coaching and training for your staff in painting and decorating.

·       Product supply including paints and other materials required.

How it works

·       Your organisation will have chosen a relevant social enterprise to donate a fresh coat of paint to. This can for example include a local school, church, public area or charitable organisation.

·       Once your organisation has a project in agreement, we will assist in the planning stage and advise on the project requirements. i.e., paint, manpower, and equipment requirements

·       On the day of the project commencement, we will be onsite to prepare the areas prior to your arrival.

·       We will organise your colleagues into groups and provide them with the necessary personal protective equipment.

·       We will provide your colleagues with basic training and assist them as they paint the areas required.

·       We will tackle any more difficult areas which may require professional skill.

·       People from your organisation will be part of a typical decorating crew for the duration of the program.


·       Your company will be actively donating a service to the community.

·       This program acts as a great team building exercise.

·       New skills will be acquired.

·       You are saving your chosen beneficiary the cost of redecorating.

·       A fun day out for your colleagues while donating to their local community.

·       Visual CSR which generates good publicity

Typical Program cost: €2000 ex vat per day of project excluding paint.

Group size: Minimum 8 people Max 24 people (Approx 200m2 of walls painted by a group of 8 in a day)

Materials cost: €300-€900 per day

Contact Details:

Instructors: Ronan Faughnan, Stephen May, Michael Collins

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