Paint Buddy Workshops

Paint Buddy is a three-day training course, providing an honest and detailed insight into the career of a Painter and

Decorator. It is delivered by a team of fully qualified Master decorators from the Painting Professionals through

practical skills training and informal discussion.

Features of the course include:

• detailed insights into the careers and business opportunities for qualified decorators

•a taster experience of apprenticeship through painting and decorating

• experience in the planning and operation of a decoration project

• experience working as part of a decorating crew to complete a live project.

• experience in decorative arts, and restoration aspects of the trade

• learning practical skills suitable for careers in the construction sector and home DIY projects

Students will be part of a typical decorating crew for the duration of the course. This will include project management, practical decorating skills and team building while also encouraging creativity.

This course will open minds to the possibility of pursuing an apprenticeship in the Painting and Decorating trade.

It will also provide real practical skills training and the experience of bringing a project from the planning stage to a professional finish with an emphasis on teamwork.

It is useful as preparation for employment or possible future training in the painting and decorating trade and other construction trades. Students can also apply the knowledge and skills acquired to improving their own practical DIY and restoration skills.

Course Fees:

Class size: Minimum 16 students

Group of 16 (minimum) - 24 (maximum) - €190 per student

Learning approach

In the Paint Buddy workshop, students will learn how to work cooperatively, and work autonomously to achieve a common goal. This style of learning reflects the dynamic of a typical decorating team, where a team has been formed to achieve a collective goal. The purpose of these cooperative learning groups is to make each member a stronger individual in his or her own right. Students are required to learn the basic manual skills and the interpersonal skills required to function as part of the team. The Paint Buddy workshops will focus on this approach to learning as per an apprenticeship program.

Learning Outcomes 

Students will be able to; 

1. Describe the roles and duties of a painter and decorator. 

2. Identify training opportunities and career paths related to Painting and Decorating 3. Demonstrate an ability to set out a safe system of work. 

4. Prepare various surfaces for painting and decorating. 

5. Apply coats of paint to masonry and timber surfaces

6. Complete a small decorating job in an agreed timeframe as part of a decorating team. 

7. Acquire basic decorating skills suitable for small D.I.Y projects.

8. Decorate an area of their own home with the experience gained.

Benefits for the School 

1. The school will be involved in a pioneering new program . 

2. The program will act as an apprenticeship taster for students. 

3. The school can benefit from ‘in house’ work experience for transition year students in a safe environment under school supervision. 

4. As part of the program , up to 3 rooms will be decorated to a professional standard by students on the course under the guidance of professional decorators. 

5. Students will have learned practical skills which will be transferrable to life within and outside of school and within their community and homes.

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