Products we use

At The Painting Professionals the key materials we use day to day include Primers , Paint , Paintbrushes , Surface Protection and PPE

  • We use VOC free and low VOC paint as standard unless otherwise specified and actively pursue the most eco friendly and sustainable paint products. 
  • We use and promote the use of eco friendly paints , natural paints , mineral based paints and strive to find the best performing options for our customers.
  • We encourage customers to consider mineral based products as alternatives to conventional exterior painting methods
  • Conventional solvent and oil based paints have been dropped in favour water based alternatives 
  • PPE , tools and surface protection will be recyclable and made to last.
  • All of the products that we promote are from like minded companies dedicated to sustainability , environmentally friendly products and ethically sourced raw materials.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Some of our preferred suppliers include:
  • Planned Initiatives

  • All future materials will be made from renewable raw materials where possible.
  • PPE will be made from organic and renewable raw materials.
  • Electric machinery will be used instead of petrol generated tools.
  • New vehicles will be low emission vehicles.