While water covers 71% of the planet, only 1% is available to us as drinking water. Although we get a lot of rain in Ireland, our water sources are under increasing pressure from a growing population, climate change, leaking and ageing infrastructure.

At the Painting Professionals, we use water for thinning of paint products as per manufacturer's instructions and the cleaning of equipment.

To save water we…

  • Source our water from rain water collection tanks meaning we will not use mains water. This not only reduces water usage but also energy usage as a huge amount of energy is required to treat water to drinking quality and pump it to it’s destination.
  • All vans will have an equipment cleaning station with a collection tank for waste/dirty water.
  • Waste / Dirty water will be flocculated and filtered for reuse in cleaning / thinning and other future uses.
  • No water will be disposed of in to main sewer lines or into the ground.