In the painting industry, the key drivers of waste include excess paint and single use plastic materials. In order to counteract this, we have put in place several initiatives:

Current Initiatives

  • All surfaces are accurately measured before commencing jobs so that the correct quantities of paint are purchased.
  • Any leftover paint is donated to Recreate – a social enterprise based in Dublin who provide creative workshops to schools and other groups around the country. www.recreate.ie . Recreate  provide an excellent platform for a circular economy.
  • If not fit for donation, leftover paint is filtered and reused where possible and if it is unsuitable for reuse it is collected in our storage drum and disposed of to the highest standards by Enva. This is certified for ethical disposal. https://enva.com/locations
  • Empty paint tins are sent for recycling
  • Empty plastic paint buckets are used for seeding of trees and donated to local allotments. 

Future Initiatives

  • The use of single use plastics sheeting will be fully replaced with recyclable paper masking and dust sheets made from reusable materials